Bobs L4V Van Hook Lock

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The Bobs Fobs L4V Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock operating independently from the manufacturers’ locking system. We come out to your vehicle within 15 miles of the Belfast area.  A deadlocking hook bolt engages into its opposing body section. Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver. Bob recommends ths for owner-drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock. We recommend our Hook Lock is fitted to both the side and rear door.



Designed and manufactured exclusively for Locks 4 Vans and Bob’s Fob’s to meet the demanding requirements of commercial vehicle security. The lock case has a compact footprint permitting several fitting positions.  60% less metal is removed from the structural part of the door during installation compared to other hook lock cases, resulting in the most effective security

Kits available in T-Series and S-Series key systems.  L4V cylinders, housings, and plugs are plated in highly durable satin nickel to maintain a long-lasting appearance and consistent performance.  L4V black nylon external barrel trims supplied as standard to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Satin nickel-plated brass barrel trims, oversized black barrel trims, and angled black barrel trims are also available.  We supply each kit with 3 keys.  Suitable for Electric and Hybrid variants


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