Ultion 3 star Euro lock supplied and fitted


Made From Durable Materials

Ultion locks are made from molybdenum which is a much denser material than iron. This means that it makes for a much stronger and more durable lock that will not only outlast most locks through general wear and tear but will also prevent burglars from breaking it.
Accredited Lock System
Ultion is an accredited brand which means that professional locksmiths that have tested the durability and strength of the locks before giving it their certification of approval. Ultion has been awarded Sold Secure Diamond accreditation which is essentially the best certification a lock can get.
Double Locking Security System
The double lockdown security system that is fitted within Ultion locks makes it highly preventable to burglary and core damage to the mechanism. A series of attack pins are released when the lock detects an attack on the core locking system.
3 Star Drill Protection
The attack pins and the way that the lock is constructed protect it from drill attacks. This is a method that a lot of burglars are using as it works on a lot of standard locks. The 20 hardened steel and its lockdown mode make Ultion 3 star protected from drill attacks.



Don’t risk your security in Belfast. Secure your home in the Greater Belfast Area with Ultion locks for your door. With Ultion, not only do you get unparalleled security and protection for your home, you’re also covered by the Ultion Security Guarantee in the event anyone breaks into your property. An Ultion lock change will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. They are slightly higher in price than what you would normally pay for door locks. However, what you are going to save and prevent in the long term is something you cannot put a price on. The price includes supplying the lock and fitting it in the Belfast area.


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