Ideal Combos

Ideal Combos
mobile locksmith repairs a car key combo

Some things simply work better as a combo. Just having one or the other doesn’t provide a holistic experience or make your money worth it sometimes. Just like peanut butter and jelly, beans and toast, coffee and sugar, or perhaps even wearing your slippers with socks, the combo makes the whole experience better. This applies to your car key and remote as well.

Sure, it’s perfectly fine to just use your key and manually open your doors when you need to especially when you live alone. However, you’ll be thankful for the service a car remote can provide when you’re in a hurry or when your hands are full. If you only have one of the two, for whatever reason, it is our pleasure to let you know that getting either of them programmed or cut doesn’t take that long or cost too much.

It sounds a bit intimidating to some since it isn’t really a common thing to talk about between peers in a normal setting unless it’s a subject that’s related to your job or hobby. Doing research on your own can be inconclusive at times due to the varying experiences you might have with strangers online. When in doubt, contact your local locksmith.

If this sounds interesting, you may also choose to check out our Facebook page, GMB page, and website for more information about our services. Our locksmiths at Bobs Fobs are happy to help you out anytime with troubles regarding your security. Contact us now.


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