Placement Error
mobile locksmith repairs and replaces a door lock

It’s challenging to receive a botched service but it’s understandable that some people can’t tell the people responsible for it off due to personal issues. No one wants to receive an incorrect job but it can’t be helped sometimes. There are people that are introverted or determined to avoid confrontation at all costs so they let certain things happen and complain privately.

This applies to lock installation services as well. Some businesses will promise speed and affordability but fail to mention it will sacrifice some of their efficiency as well. Inexperienced locksmiths or those that don’t take their jobs seriously may lead to damages that can compromise the performance of the lock you’ve purchased.

This isn’t the end of the world. Our locksmiths at Bobs Fobs would be delighted to help you out. It always pains us to hear how customers encountering problems like these get disappointed with the people they initially trusted. We understand that installations are costly and it may take some time before you can ask for our help. What matters, in the end, is you looked for ways to keep your family and valuables safe.

If you have any lock-related problem in mind, feel free to contact us over the phone or through our highly informative website. You may also read through our GMB Posts and Facebook Posts anytime. We update our information accordingly and post relevant customer reviews to help guide you. Contact us now, our locksmiths would love to have a nice chat with you without the obligation to pay for a quote.