Rust Isn’t the End

Rust Isn’t the End
mobile locksmith repairs a rusted door lock

Locks break and age in various ways. It gets scratched up, bent in some places, perhaps a little loose in some sides, or look different overall. Just like mold to food, anything metal such as locks will eventually be affected by rust. Mold, though, spells the end of a food’s life. The mere sight of mold indicates that the roots of it has spread deep enough inside the product and the mold is looking for others to destroy as well. Rust on the other hand isn’t always the point of no return.

If you’re someone that often uses the internet for entertainment purposes, you may have come across videos of item and weapon restorations. Items that are hundreds of years old or rusted to the point where they aren’t that recognizable can be returned to their original glory with enough skill and patience. Just like with your old locks, there is hope for everything that is rusted.

Your lock may be rusted due to poor weather or lack of use, this is common in warehouses or basement locks, places you wouldn’t normally access on a daily basis. You may even forget that you have some of them in the first place. Have no fear, Bobs Fobs is here!

Our dedicated and experienced professional locksmiths are happy to help out any property owner with any lock-related issue they have. Rusted locks can be repaired or replaced and we may offer to survey the other locks in your property to see if any other locks are at the first stages of rusting. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, consider checking out our website and contacting us as soon as possible.


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